Why is exercise technique so important?
It maintains your health
IMPROPER execution is going to decrease the effectiveness of the training stimulus and increase the risk of injury.
It increases efficiency
Without proper execution, other muscle groups will be contributing to the movement and less tension will be created in the target muscle group.
Gets you closer to the result
With the right technique, fewer reps are required, workouts are shorter and results are noticeable much faster.
Working out with ArtiFit
Working out 1-on-1 with a personal trainer
Working out with no technique control
Chance to work out anytime and anywhere
The training plan effectiveness
(target muscles are fully engaged)
(target muscles are engaged to the max)
(target muscles are weakly engaged)
Real-time feedback
Training analytics + progress log (intensity stabilization, workout time control, technique improvement)
Automatic tracking (reps, pace, time, mistakes)
Time until the first
results (average, without individual characteristics)
1.5 week
1 week
3 week
Price per month
from $500
from $9.99
The smart fitness assistant ArtiFit will check your every move and tell you if something goes wrong.
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Which workout plans with technique control are available now?
Lose weight
  • Difficulty 2/5
  • 4 weeks
  • No equipment needed
  • From 12 minutes per day
  • Result: burn fat, healthy heart

$4.99 / month
Join now and get 7 days for free
Stay fit
  • Difficulty 3/5
  • 4 weeks
  • No equipment needed
  • From 12 minutes per day
  • Result: feel more active, stronger legs and joints
$4.99 / month
Join now and get 7 days for free
Build strength
  • Difficulty 4/5
  • 4 weeks
  • No equipment needed
  • From 12 minutes per day
  • Result: feel more active, build muscles, improve stamina
$4.99 / month
Join now and get 7 days for free
The plans were developed by professional trainers with 10+ years of experience
How does the smart fitness assistant ArtiFit work
Computer vision for fitness technique tracking
ArtiFit recognizes movements of 20 primary human body joints using your smartphone camera.
The app automatically tracks fitness techniques and gives tips on up to 5 mistakes per exercise (more than 80% of the most common mistakes).
Real-time feedback
If you make a mistake, Artifit gives a voice tip on how to perform the exercise correctly.
At the same time, you can master yourself using a real-time AR image over your body on the smartphone screen.
History and analytics
ArtiFit automatically fixes and shows your workout duration, number of reps, the score of overall exercise performance and your typical mistakes for analysis.
Automatic tracking
ArtiFit counts reps, pace, mistakes and total training duration, saving all data in a training report and in a general progress log.
Click on your plan and start your workout
Position your smartphone, stand up and GO!
Check the report and see your mistakes
Track your progress in the Analytics section
Get 7 Days of healthy
home fitness for free!
Then $4.99 / month

The price includes full access to all workout plans and exercises with technique tracking

Your subscription can be cancelled anytime up to 24 hours before the end of the free period

Keep Fit And Stay Healthy!
Important tips from a fitness trainer
Healthy eating
For faster results, try to eat right and keep track of calories — spend not less than you consume
Do a 5-minute warm-up before the workout and a stretch after it.
Focus on technique
Do your best to focus on technique, not on the number of reps.
Watch your breathing — exhale during exertion!
Rest days
Between your workouts, great options are: massage, stretching, sauna, light cardio exercises (walking, running, swimming)
Get enough sleep and enjoy outdoors

Your health is important to Artifit!
These instructions are based on general guidelines and information from your questionnaire. These recommendations may not be entirely suitable for you or may not fully correspond to your goals. In addition, they may not be accurate for you personally.
Consult your doctor before starting any regular training and stop immediately if you notice any negative effects on your health. Please use your common sense when following the training recommendations and a workout plan.

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