Do workouts with AI, rather than alone
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About Artifit
Be active and healthy
Artifit makes personal fitness training available for everyone, anywhere anytime, thereby helping the world to be more active and healthy.
Modern approach
You shouldn't spend too much time & money, adjust your schedule for a personal fitness trainer and gym but still able to achieve your targets effectively.
Cutting edge product
Artifit it's an AI-enabled application which turns your smartphone into a personal fitness trainer at home that can monitor the accuracy and pace of your exercises.
Everyday we work hard to make life of our clients better and happier
Computer vision for fitness technique tracking
Artifit recognizes movements of 20 primary human body joints right on your smartphone (doesn't send to a server) using the camera.
The app automatically tracks the fitness technique and fix more than 5 mistakes per exercise.
We are working hard to add new joints and improve the precision of our AI trainer.
Real-time feedback
If you make a mistake, Artifit suggests, how to perform exercises correctly, speaking with you.
At the same time, you can master yourself using a real-time AR image over your body on the smartphone screen.
The current version of the app features bodyweight exercises for home, like squats, lunges, planks & etc.
There is a range of workouts based on your fitness level, intensity and your targets.
Artifit can count your repetitions, automatically set a stopwatch, control your resting time between sets, and encourage you to reach your targeted repetitions.
History and analytics
Artifit automatically fixes and shows your workout durations, number of repetitions, the score of overall exercise performance and your typical mistakes for analysis.
Nearest Future
Full range of bodyweight exercises for home workouts
Computer vision fitness testing to determine your fitness level
AI-enabled fitness program development based on your targets and fitness level
AI Digital Twin to predict and track your appearance, keep motivated
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Our clients
The best way to improve your technique exercise
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Don't skip a training:
According to psychological studies, one of the fundamental factors that form a feeling of happiness is physical activity.
Don't skip a training:
According to psychological studies, one of the fundamental factors that form a feeling of happiness is physical activity.

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